About Road to Home Group of Companies

We, here at Road to Home aspire to be a leader in providing you with a bundle of services for your real estate needs.

Our Projects

We are a diversified real estate company made up of accredited people within the industry. Our goal is to provide the best possible customer service in the renovation, inspection and property management fields all across the Greater Toronto and surrounding area. Our company Road to Home Renovation has become a trusted name in the home improvement field. Having already established its name, we are pleased to say that we have many satisfied customers. The key to customer satisfaction for us has been our belief that projects are more than just about bricks and mortar. A project is about people and the partnership we forge with them. In fact, our company forms partnerships with its employees, contractors, the community and the clients.

Forming partnerships help to foster trust amongst those we do business with. Our work ethic is quite simple. We believe in being honest, making safety a priority, following the standards of practice and looking for more efficient and smarter ways of getting the job done right. By offering these various aspects for real estate, we are able to tap into a great pool of knowledge, information and savings—and pass this along to you—our customer. You don’t need to waste precious time and money by contacting several companies when you have the option of contacting just one. It is our goal to be the best at managing your real estate needs.

Our Values

  • 1
    We are committed to customer service and quality.
  • 2
    When we say we are going to do something, it gets done.
  • 3
    We use innovation and vision to develop solutions for our customer’s needs.
  • 4
    We conduct our business ethically, legally and in good faith.
  • 5
    We are committed to fostering partnerships with our customers and business partners for life.
  • 6
    We strive for market leadership and take pride in our services.
  • 7
    We take very seriously all follow-up with our customers and liaising with a referral base.
  • 8
    We offer quality in all aspects of our work and continue to find ways to improve ourselves.
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