Move Out Checklist

  1. Clean oven, oven drawer below, and replace drip pans
  2. Clean/wipe down cabinets, drawers, pantry and countertops
  3. Garbage disposal working
  4. Empty and clean dishwasher (no sitting water)
  5. Clean refrigerator
  6. Clean microwave (if applicable)
  7. Clean sink, faucet, and handle (including hard w ater stains)
  8. All lights in working order including light over stove (replace bulbs if needed)

  1. Clean ceiling fans
  2. All lights in working order (replace bulbs if needed)
  3. Change A/C filter
  4. Empty wash and dryer (if applicable)
  5. Clean dryer filter (if applicable)
  6. Replace broken switch/receptacles covers
  7. Leave blinds/window coverings clean and in working order
  8. Replace missing window and door screens
  9. Remove all trash (normal garbage pick-up will not take extra trash such as boxes, clothes, furniture, cleaning supplies left at curbside)

  1. Clean sink, faucet, and handle (including hard w aterstains)
  2. Clean cabinets and drawers
  3. Clean toilet
  4. Make sure toilet flushes and is in working order