Why Choose Road to Home

The benefits your receive by affording us the privilege of doing your home inspection are beneficial to you—the most important part of our business---THE CUSTOMER

    I will involve you in the entire inspection process as you will be right alongside me As I go through the steps of the inspection. I will share my knowledge with your about your property and will learn from you information about your property as well. The process itself, lends an environment of interaction between me—the house inspector, and you—the customer. I welcome your questions and will do my very best to provide you with answers.
    The turnaround time from the time I finish the home inspection to the time you get a report, is maximum 24 hours. You will receive electronically an easy-to read report broken down in categories all in digital form.
    Should we find any deficiencies in the property, I will include recommendations for maintenance and present you with options. This will ensure the longevity of your property and keep the mechanics in good order.
    The most important part of the inspection is being able to communicate with you—the customer. I will make myself available to you before, after and during the inspection to answer any concerns, questions or comments you may have. My promise to you is to ensure you are satisfied by choosing Road to Home. My guarantee to you is to do my very best.
    I will be including Infrared Thermography services with the inspection report. Infrared technology is state-of-the art technology equipped to help identify areas in the home where there may be potential heat loss, water leaks or penetration. Infrared camera allows us to see what the naked eye cannot see. This adds so much value to the home inspection report. It allows us to see behind walls and determine potential structural concerns and/or insect infestations. It allows us to address insulation and moisture issues without any access.